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In-state vs. Out-of-State

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In-state vs. Out-of-State

Posted by Evelyn

When I was applying for college, I faced the struggle of whether to choose colleges that were in-state or out-of-state. Many of you may find yourselves in a similar situation. Here’s a list of pros and cons that I came up with:


In-State                    Out-of-State

PROS                        PROS

Cheaper tuition           New environment

Family close by            Independence

Friends close by          Family far away

Sense of comfort        Sense of discovery


CONS                        CONS

Feeling stuck              Expensive tuition

Same environment      Unfamiliar weather

Family close by            Family far away

Lower independency    Friends far away


I hope this list helps you point out what are the most important to you and aids in the process of narrowing down colleges to apply for!



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