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For Middle Schoolers!

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For Middle Schoolers!

Posted by Evelyn

When I was in middle school, I know I wasn’t interested in college yet. I just saw it as the next step after high school so it wasn’t really something that I thought about. But, I’m here to tell you that it is never too early to start thinking about it! I know it seems so far away, but high school goes by really fast and before you know it you’re applying to colleges. You may think you’re too young to start preparing, but that’s not true. Here are some things you can start:


  • Volunteer! Some places may need you to be a certain age but you can definitely find a list of places that you can start helping out at your age. Volunteering will also help you during high school so it’s always good to start a habit early.
  • Read! Reading a lot of good quality books will help you become a better writer for high school as well as when you start writing your college essays.
  • Do your homework on time! Making sure you don’t procrastinate and do homework on time will help you be successful in high school and college.
  • Visit a college campus! Seeing a college will help you start thinking about what it is like.




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