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Five Ways You Can Stay Ahead When Planning for College

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Five Ways You Can Stay Ahead When Planning for College

Posted by Jordan Eres

Planning your college education is as fun and exciting as it is necessary for your success. But preparing for college isn’t easy; unexpected bumps can come along the way.


These tips will help you stay ahead:


  1. Think about what you want in a school. The most exciting part about planning for college is picturing yourself on campus. As early as possible, think about where you want to be, the type of school you would like to attend (public, private, large, small, etc), and what you want to study. Having an idea about your preferences will be a big help in determining your fit.
  2. Discuss your college aspirations with the people in your life, even if you are still unsure. Your family, friends, coaches and other people are great sounding boards for your college plans. If you aren’t quite sure of your direction, ask them for advice. They know you best and can help you start and stay on the right path toward college.
  3. Talk to a guidance counselor. A counselor can help you plan what courses you need to take and give you recommendations on colleges you can check out based on your preferences and aspirations. Counselors are a great resource and talking to them early will give you a head start that will pay off later.
  4. Plan early for standardized tests. Procrastination is a struggle for many of us, and signing up and studying for the SAT/ACT is very easy to let slide “until tomorrow.” Make sure you sign up for these tests as soon as you can. You can even ask your counselor to help you create a study regimen or find a prep class.
  5. Never lost sight of your goal! The college planning process can be laid out into easy-to-follow steps, but it is not set in stone and isn’t the same for everyone. If life throws you a curveball or you encounter some problems along the way, the important thing to remember is that with hard work, you can make it through. If you’re feeling lost or unsure about your college future, remind yourself of why you started planning in the first place.



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