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Tips for Studying for Finals

Posted by Tanya

Studying for tests and finals has never been easy for me. I find it hard to concentrate or end up putting off studying until the last minute. In order to do better in my classes and on my tests, I had to seek out different study methods. I never thought that I could fall in love with index cards but found that for me, they really work!


What I do is first, rewrite my notes in a shorthand format onto index cards, and then, as I am studying my flash cards, tell myself little tricks so that I can remember the material. For example, if I am learning about a communication theory, the name of the theorist might rhyme with something, or the steps to negotiation might stand for a funny sentence. The earlier you start studying, the better. I am a visual learner as well, so if I can draw it or make it into a diagram, it really helps. When you are in college, you have to explore what kind of studying works best for you, whether it is reading, writing, drawing, or talking out loud. And if studying alone is not your thing, try studying with a partner and teaching each other not only the material, but why it is important and how it relates to what you are studying. These simple steps can make all the difference in the world.


Tips for Suceeding on Final Exams

Posted by Xiomara

The toughest part about ending your academic term is facing final examinations. These tests can either make you or break you so you know you have to work hard to do well. I think we are all aware that obtaining a college degree isn’t easy. Life keeps you busy and just when you think you have time for yourself, life throws you another responsibility. Making time to study is difficult and some of us wish we just had more time. Sadly, there are things we cannot control so accept the challenge and strategize your plan of attack to pass those finals. Planning, organization, and rest are your tools for success.


Plan out what your days will look like on multiple calendars like a personal planner, a calendar at home and your phone and color code your events to make it user friendly. Responsibilities become less stressful when you have a visual of how much time you have to study and complete your duties.


Planning is nothing without organization. Surround yourself with things that will let you focus and think clearer. For example, if you dislike your writing, type things out in a font you like. You should also keep your book bag and desk free of clutter so that things don’t get lost and you have control of your space. Keep what you need and discard what you don’t need (my tip: do not throw graded assignments away until the end of the term so you can refer back to them, if needed)


Last but not least, rest. Keep a day, if not, a few hours to yourself to relax and destress. Whether it is through guided imagery, yoga, going out with friends or sleeping, do what you want to do instead of cramming your brain with facts for hours and hours. It is nice to give yourself breaks to keep a healthy mind and positive thoughts.


Final examinations will be less stressful if you try to make this a part of your daily routine. The hardest part is maintaining this lifestyle, but push yourself and envision your future to remind yourself that you are almost done. Good luck!


The Few Secrets Around Campus

Posted by Arzoo

Starting as a freshman I did not know the few secrets that everyone else knew. I had no one to guide me to a smoother transition from high school to college. By my sophomore year I found out ways to purchase my books almost less than half the price than the bookstore on campus. Some times there are bookstores nearby where they sell used textbooks a lot cheaper than the actual bookstore. An average book can cost around $100, but if you buy a used copy you can save half that amount. There are also other options such as renting on campus or online. Students can also buy books from or, which sells the book at a fraction of the actual price and you can sell the book once your course is complete.


Another beneficial secret is a website called This website will tell you from the students perspective how professors really are academically from majority of the universities. It can be a huge help when you need to know if a certain professor is too difficult or curves their exams.





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