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Being Part of a Bigger Community

Posted by Jessica

Joining organizations and being part of a bigger community helps a person grow. It helps a person increase their leadership skills, communication skills, and also their friendship skills. It allows for students and professional staff to know each other and to build a bigger network in their educational process and also in their work field. It’s important to make friends because often students come to college without their high school friends and often are alone. It’s nice to venture out and meet people with different personalities. The different personalities that you meet help you to learn how to handle certain people in a way that won’t be disrespectful or even handle them in the best way possible. Life is always going to throw punches at you and by learning how to handle different personalities and situations, it also helps you learn about yourself.


My Senior Year

Posted by Marissa

My senior year of college was the most challenging yet rewarding. I was highly involved on campus and was finishing my upper level English classes. Although I was very busy, I accomplished my goals and remained balanced. Staying balanced is crucial when your stress levels are high (which mine were) and very busy. I encourage you to make time for activities where you can relax for a moment and take a break from your studies/activities. At the same time, I also suggest you stay involved throughout your academic career because it definitely will pay off in the future. Not only did I build strong relationships with friends, enrich my knowledge, but I also made myself more marketable once I graduated. I had a list of things that I was involved with and I had fun while doing it–minus the stress!


What I Love About My Campus

Posted by Jade

Visiting a college campus is probably one of the best ways to see if that university is a good fit for you. Most people wouldn’t buy a house without looking inside or a car without test driving it, right? College is the same way. As first-time college students at a new campus, making sure you feel comfortable and welcomed is very important. What I love most about my campuses (both undergraduate and graduate) is that they are very open and student-centered. They actually care about the students and want to make sure they do well academically and socially. So for all of you who are exploring your college options make sure you visit the campuses before making your final decision! It makes a world of difference!




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