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Studying Becomes A Rhyme

Posted by Marlene

Studying has become part of my daily routine. I study early in the morning before class or in the evenings after I arrive home from work. Late nights of studying sessions have become enjoyable, only when coffee is there for the rescue! I am not a coffee addict nor am I promoting consuming coffee while studying. Coffee is just an energy supplement and it helps me stay awake after a long day of work. Moreover, creating a line of self-discipline is important for a successful studying routine. I can admit there were times when I felt very lethargic and ignored my studying material. Consequences, I received in my grade. This is when I became serious about studying. A good technique to discipline yourself is to make a mental note. By that I mean, think about all the money and effort/energy you are putting in school, you can’t afford to fail a class! Just tell yourself, “I need to study first, before I can have fun.” It is difficult to adjust to a studying routine; nonetheless, we can do it with determination. Just set reminders on your cell phone, agenda, calendars etc. In addition, approach studying in various ways; such as, there are those like me who are visual and auditory learners. I learn my material best when drawing visuals of my text and when I teach others. Figure out what your learning style is and then apply it to the material that is given to you by your teachers. It’s a great start in preparing yourself for college. Make studying a routine and motivate yourself. Studying is manageable, it became part of my routine and I am now excelling in school because of those long hours of studying. Just have fun and enjoy learning!

Shannon Steichen

Find Your Optimal Study Environment

Posted by Shannon Steichen

Everyone likes to study in slightly different ways. Some like to have complete silence, others prefer to be surrounded by people doing their own things, while others have a specific music playlist that is essential to their focus. For me, the best place to study is outside in a park or in my own room.

I first tried the quiet area of the library, but couldn’t focus with complete silence. Then I tried the talking area of the library, but decided that the conversations going on around me were much more interesting than my chemistry homework. When I moved to the open lawn at campus, I had enough noise to keep my brain occupied, but not so much that I could not focus on the task at hand. I also discovered that these same conditions could be achieved in my own room.

Finding out what study environment works best for you is a process that may take some time, but it will most certainly be worth the effort once you find the place that allows you to study at the optimal level.

Kyle Barras

Productivity with Some Fun Along the Way

Posted by Kyle Barras

Your college years will by far be some of the most memorable years of your life. But how can you be expected to graduate in four years, while building a resume, interning, working, going to school and still having fun along the way? You must be creative with your time. Utilize every moment that you are doing something fun as a time to be productive. For example, you may hang out with your friends and study or review your lecture notes. When you have a group project in class, don’t just do the project; make meaningful connections with your peers as you do it. Get to know them, what their major is, what their aspirations are, and more. Networking doesn’t necessarily need to occur in a professional office setting.




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