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High School vs. College

Posted by Arzoo

Before I started college I didn’t know what to expect (especially since high school used to be such a drag for me). What most high school students don’t know is that college is actually a lot easier than high school. For example, there are hardly any rules in college. You can walk in and out of class whenever you want, you do not need to raise you hand every time you need to go to the restroom, and you can eat, drink and chew gum all you want. The best part of college is that you become a free and independent person. In my opinion, even the classes are easier than high school. Usually in college you only have a few midterms and a final, sometimes a presentation. It’s a really great experience and you just grow as a person.


What is Being “Cool” in College?

Posted by Evelyn

One of the biggest things that I noticed going from high school to college, is that in college, people are more open and accepting. I don’t know whether it is because the campus is larger or just that by the time we are in college, we stop caring about what others think of us. Either way, college is really a time where you can define who you are and not be afraid to.


I remember during my freshman year, there was a guy who always cracked long whips in front of the dorms. He intrigued my friends and me and eventually we became friends with him. He even taught my friends how to swallow fire. If you think about it, this isn’t seen to be something “cool” by high school standards. High school would point and laugh at this guy and at us for even thinking that what he was doing was cool. But that’s the cool thing about college; “cool” is no longer defined.


So be open to new experiences! Join that salsa club you’ve wanted to join, participate in open mic nights and show off your voice, learn how to juggle in the middle of the lawn, because in college, you don’t have to act, look, or be a certain way in order to be accepted. Just be you.


Finish Strong Academically

Posted by Jade

Many students should note that finishing your academic years strong is key in getting to college. Those in the 10th and 11th grade especially should know that those years are the ones used for your cumulative GPA when applying to college. Seniors who are accepted to college must also be sure to finish strong so they can remain eligible for admission and scholarships. The last thing anybody wants is to be told they can no longer attend their university of choice because they took the wrong classes their senior year or got grades lower than a “C”. Nowadays there are so many students applying to college, it can be very competitive. Remember to always do what is required and then some if you want to stand out among the rest!




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