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How I Ended Up Choosing a CSU

Posted by Arzoo

Choosing which school you want to attend can be quite difficult and frustrating. During my senior year I was stuck between choosing from a CSU or private school. Of course we think that graduating with a degree from a top private school will land us that perfect job afterwards. This is not necessarily true, I ended up choosing a CSU and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I often compare myself with friends that chose a private school over a CSU and I see them struggling everyday financially. Tuition is incredibly low compared to private schools. Here and there I hear my recent graduate friends complaining over their $40,000 or $50,000 loans and I just sit there knowing that I will graduate with no loans because my tuition is affordable and I receive financial aid. As far as landing a good job, that can depend on many different things and not just which school you graduated from. Overall, make a decision where you don’t over burden yourself with a huge loan at a young age.

Shannon Banks

Prepare for CSU Admission Early

Posted by Shannon Banks

Many students don’t know they can start preparing for CSU admission as early as middle school. When the CSU looks at admission criteria, they’re looking to see that students met the a-g requirements. Students can start taking these courses as early as 7th grade.

In high school, meet with your counselor to discuss how you will meet the a-g requirements. You’ll also want to take the SAT and/or ACT multiple times because CSU campuses will only use your best scores when evaluating you for admission to their school.

In addition to the a-g requirements, each of the 23 CSU campuses may have supplemental criteria that you will need to meet if the campus is impacted, or the number of fully qualified applicants exceeds the number of available spaces. Be sure to contact each CSU you are interested in individually to ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements for their specific campus.

Overall, increasing your preparedness for a CSU will increase the probability of you being admitted. If you start getting ready for the admissions process early, it will be less stress on you when you’re anticipating admission decisions.

Mireille Garcia Serrato

Get Ready for the Application Season!

Posted by Mireille Garcia Serrato

Seniors get ready! CSU applications are just around the corner. Starting October 1, applications for CSU campuses will open, and you will have until November 30 to submit. However, be careful not to leave your application submission until the night before! Many times, students procrastinate and apply at the very last minute, causing heavy traffic on the CSU Mentor website.

Also, make sure to have someone look over your application before submitting. Ask a fellow classmate, your counselor, or teacher to have a second look. A second set of eyes is always helpful. In addition, be patient with the application process. Even if you submit your application early and campuses have viewed your application, you will still have to wait for the day admission decisions are made. That being said, you should definitely make time to review your application before submitting. Countdown begins today! Good luck!




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