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Maximize Your Study Time

Posted by Ana

Studying might not seem like the most important part of college, but it does play a big role in college life. You’ll take several classes at a time in college, and if you take two similar classes, you might not have to spend as much time studying. One semester, I took five psychology classes dealing with similar issues, so I didn’t have to study as much—however, I did study! Then I had a semester where I was taking an art class, a music class, a psychology class, a math class, and a Chicano studies class, and I had to study every day because I had to learn about different issues in each class.


Studying isn’t most fun thing to do on a Friday night, and it’s especially not fun the night before a big test. It is best if you study ahead of time. It’s true when they say to study a little each night—I try to do it, and it has helped me a lot in my classes. What I have found helpful is studying with a group. That way, if I don’t know something, someone can help me out and later on when I go over it by myself I understand the material better. Studying will help you do great in classes!


The Few Secrets Around Campus

Posted by Arzoo

Starting as a freshman I did not know the few secrets that everyone else knew. I had no one to guide me to a smoother transition from high school to college. By my sophomore year I found out ways to purchase my books almost less than half the price than the bookstore on campus. Some times there are bookstores nearby where they sell used textbooks a lot cheaper than the actual bookstore. An average book can cost around $100, but if you buy a used copy you can save half that amount. There are also other options such as renting on campus or online. Students can also buy books from or, which sells the book at a fraction of the actual price and you can sell the book once your course is complete.


Another beneficial secret is a website called This website will tell you from the students perspective how professors really are academically from majority of the universities. It can be a huge help when you need to know if a certain professor is too difficult or curves their exams.


Lourd Ebuen

Work With Others

Posted by Lourd Ebuen

With school comes work. With work comes stress.


The workload can vary from student to student, and many times, it gets hard for us to just sit and work. This is where discipline plays a key role in succeeding in school. However, disciplining yourself to work can be tough at times. So find someone to work with!


Working with a colleague that is interested in the same field as you can make it easier to focus and can help relieve the stress that comes from a heavy workload. It is important to work with highly motivated students because it not only motivates you to get work done, but it ultimately builds discipline and prepares you for the field you are pursuing while you learn from others.




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