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Posted by Xiomara

It is the first day of college, you’re ready for school, you just arrived on campus, but you realize you’re lost and don’t see any familiar faces. You don’t know whether to interrupt the professor talking on the phone or to walk up to the group of friends sitting together who will probably all look at you as you ask for directions. You are shy and can’t build the courage to ask so you keep walking and end up being 20 minutes late to your first class after a janitor helped you find your building. THIS is a problem and it is also how a freshman tends to stand out on campus. As a new adult, confidence is essential. You are in charge of your life, but sometimes we are in a situation where we rather not ask questions to avoid looking stupid. From personal experience, I believe, there are 3 easy ways to achieve confidence. It may take time, but it is easier than you think.


First, make sure you did everything possible to find the solution to your problem before asking for help. You are your first resource so look and listen attentively at all times and learn from other people’s mistakes. You become that much more knowledgeable when you are able to observe and give it a try on your own.


Second, mentally prepare yourself for negativity. Unfortunately, you meet people who can be rude or don’t have good social skills so you have to be able respond appropriately without making things worse. As angry or insulted as you may be, don’t be rude back, be assertive. If you know your comment or question was appropriate then hold your head up high and expect nothing, but an appropriate answer in return.


Lastly, treat others how you will like to be treated. If you respect others, others will respect you. Simple as that, but also realize, that while on campus, people are constantly stressing out for many reasons so try to keep an open mind and don’t take anything personally, especially from strangers.


College life is not easy, but with a positive attitude and the proper advice from peers, you’ll do great!


Taking Risks and Creating Experiences

Posted by Marilu

“Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible. ”

~ Cadet Maxim


I love reading quotes like this. Their like little sparks of inspiration for oneself to go above and beyond. When I started college I had a set of goals I wanted to accomplish. I haven’t accomplished them all but I can honestly say I’m on the right track. Here are some that I’ve accomplished so far. As a freshman I wanted to get involved as much as possible since I was very involved in high school. That’s what I did once club fair day came around I was there. I joined two clubs and ASI (Associated Students Inc.) Programming. I didn’t stop there. My second year I joined another club and my third year I joined a sorority (Alpha Pi Sigma) something I thought I would never do. Everything I’ve joined has been a good experience where I’ve learned a lot and has made my college experience a million times better.


Second, was to get an on-campus job or work-study. I was blessed with two jobs my sophomore year. I remember thinking how cool it would be to be one of those tour guides and it happened. I got hired as a University Ambassador and still currently work there. Shortly after I got offered work-study and started working at the Teacher Education Department. The nice thing about working on campus is the flexibility both of my jobs have, They go with my school schedule and are very understanding. If I ever need to miss work because of school related activities or study time they understand. I’m also able to build connections with professors and staff that work on-campus.


Third, to be on the student spotlight in the school website. When people go to the university’s website you see the student spotlight section. I always thought it would be cool to be one of those students. This past summer I was able to be one of the student spotlights. It was very nice to get approached by people to tell me they saw me on the school website.


Fourth, meet as many people I could to create friendships and memories. Through this past three years I’ve met many good people. Starting from roommates, sorority sisters, classmates, and club members. I’ve been able to built beautiful friendships with some who have become a big part of my life.


Fifth, pursue dancing is some way or form and I have. My freshman year I took a dance class which was really fun. After we had a dance concert where I was able to perform. After I was able to perform at the Arts Festival in February for 2 years in a row. Then I took an Intermediate Jazz class and performed at the Spring Concert again.


Finally, one that is a dream of mine but I wasn’t able to pursue it when I wanted to. Now, I’m close to accomplishing it. This summer I’m STUDYING ABROAD in Spain. My friend and I officially bought our airplane tickets. I’m very excited yet nervous for this summer. I can’t wait to experience a new country with different customs, food, and culture.


As the quote above states about taking risks and dreaming has been a reminder to help me take the risks and overcome the challenges I’ve faced in college.



Graduation and Final Words

Posted by Tanya

After five years, laughs, tears, ups, downs… I am graduating college. It seems odd that we are so excited to become an adult when we turn 18 yet when I am graduating with my Bachelor’s degree with the expectation to get a job and find my own place, the one time we have to grow up is exactly when I do not want to do. I am excited to go onto the next phase of my life yet it is bittersweet. My college experience was amazing. It was hard, but I met amazing people, had great jobs, and was able to do many awesome things.If I could leave you with a few words of advice it would have to be these three things. One, always remain humble. There will be times where you are on top and then there will be times when you are on bottom. It is important to always lift a hand when people need help no matter what positions or awards you may rise to and receive. Second, never forget to make time for the fun stuff. I waited too long to go sunset kayaking and when I finally made time my last year, I regretted not doing it sooner. Go to the beach, finger paint, treat yourself to a dinner, it will only make your college experience that much better. And finally, treat people well. Whether it is the custodian, your professors or other students- you would be amazed at how far a helping hand and a kind word can go. With those little life tidbits I hope you enjoy your college experiences. Make the absolute most of it as it goes by in a blink of an eye.




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