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How to Prepare for College During High School

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Shannon Steichen

Find Your Optimal Study Environment

Posted by Shannon Steichen

Everyone likes to study in slightly different ways. Some like to have complete silence, others prefer to be surrounded by people doing their own things, while others have a specific music playlist that is essential to their focus. For me, the best place to study is outside in a park or in my own room.

I first tried the quiet area of the library, but couldn’t focus with complete silence. Then I tried the talking area of the library, but decided that the conversations going on around me were much more interesting than my chemistry homework. When I moved to the open lawn at campus, I had enough noise to keep my brain occupied, but not so much that I could not focus on the task at hand. I also discovered that these same conditions could be achieved in my own room.

Finding out what study environment works best for you is a process that may take some time, but it will most certainly be worth the effort once you find the place that allows you to study at the optimal level.

Kyle Barras

Productivity with Some Fun Along the Way

Posted by Kyle Barras

Your college years will by far be some of the most memorable years of your life. But how can you be expected to graduate in four years, while building a resume, interning, working, going to school and still having fun along the way? You must be creative with your time. Utilize every moment that you are doing something fun as a time to be productive. For example, you may hang out with your friends and study or review your lecture notes. When you have a group project in class, don’t just do the project; make meaningful connections with your peers as you do it. Get to know them, what their major is, what their aspirations are, and more. Networking doesn’t necessarily need to occur in a professional office setting.

Mireille Garcia Serrato

Get Ready for the Application Season!

Posted by Mireille Garcia Serrato

Seniors get ready! CSU applications are just around the corner. Starting October 1, applications for CSU campuses will open, and you will have until November 30 to submit. However, be careful not to leave your application submission until the night before! Many times, students procrastinate and apply at the very last minute, causing heavy traffic on the CSU Mentor website.

Also, make sure to have someone look over your application before submitting. Ask a fellow classmate, your counselor, or teacher to have a second look. A second set of eyes is always helpful. In addition, be patient with the application process. Even if you submit your application early and campuses have viewed your application, you will still have to wait for the day admission decisions are made. That being said, you should definitely make time to review your application before submitting. Countdown begins today! Good luck!




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