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College Dreams Blog

College Dreams Blog

No matter who you are or how you’ve prepared for college, you’re bound to have a long list of questions. Our student ambassadors had college dreams just like you do and they worked hard to achieve them. Read their stories below and share your own with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Annette - photo

Transferring to the CSU

Posted by Annette

As many of us know, attending a four-year university after high school can be costly. A more cost-effective route that is becoming increasingly common, one that I have chosen to take myself, is to attend community college and then transfer to a four-year university. The transferring process occasionally gets labeled as not a “real” college experience because it does not include the whole four years at a university, but it is just as rewarding. I just completed my second semester at Cal State Long Beach after transferring from a community college, and as a transfer student, I was able to build close relationships with the faculty and students in my department. Being a transfer student, I went straight into upper division courses for my major, which made it easier for me to make friends and network in my field. My advice for those who are choosing this transfer student route is to be on top of deadlines. Always make sure to know when applications and transcripts are due. I would also recommend frequently meeting with an advisor at the university to make sure you are on the right path academically.

Arzoo - photo

Start Healthy!

Posted by Arzoo

They say we gain weight throughout our college years. By the time we graduate we end up packing a good 15-20 lbs. I was lucky enough to keep a healthy weight by my senior year but throughout the years my weight fluctuated. Eating cafeteria food, fast food, and more junk food with daily lattes or energy drinks will guarantee an unhealthy lifestyle. Starting college we get consumed with exam overloads, partying, and eating out with friends that we don’t even realize the damage we do to our bodies. Just like everything else, we need to balance out our eating habits. Anytime you find the opportunity, indulge in fruits and vegetables! It is very hard to avoid eating unhealthy when you are constantly out and on the go, so when you do have the options then choose healthy. It is also very important to include at least some type of physical activity 3-4 times a week. It gives you a huge boost of energy to keep you running for the day. We don’t have anyone to guide us when we start college, so just make sure to find a good workout buddy and incorporate a healthy lifestyle through out college.

Xiomara - photo


Posted by Xiomara

This is probably the most heartfelt ceremony for you, your friends and your family because it means “goodbye high school, hello college.” You know what school you are going to attend, but thats pretty much all you know; you have no idea what to do, where to start or what to ask. But don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. High school is a different experience for everyone, but it is a vital part of everyone’s life because it is the phase that influences what life will have in store for you. Graduation is a very important day because it represents your struggle for the past 4 years and it is also initiates the adult life you are about to pursue. I suggest planning for graduation on the first day of school. Complete those 4 years strong knowing that you gave it your best. Do well so that when you receive your diploma, you know you are being rewarded for your hard work. Graduation is an indication that you are ready to move on to bigger and better things so cry, but cry of happiness. It is a very special day so make it worth it. After that, only great things are ahead of you.



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