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Bees Pollinate Flowers: They Help Without Realizing

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Bees Pollinate Flowers: They Help Without Realizing

Posted by Marlene

The desire to help others is nice, but to physically act upon these desires is million times greater. As a teacher’s assistant, who works three times a week at an afterschool program, Learning Bee Center, I’ve realized how important it is to collaborate with a team of adults to create a fun environment, where children’s minds can be enriched.


One afternoon, I proceeded to help out my third grade student who was looking for information on the Internet for his research project on the African Lion. He struggled to find the correct information he needed. Surfing the web can be quite a challenge, especially for my third grade student. As he “googled” information, he placed in a whole sentence of words in the search engine and it got him nowhere. Later, I explained to him he needed to type specific phrases rather than a whole sentence to get more concrete results. He took my advice and tried it then said, “Ms. Marlene you are always so nice, thanks for helping me out.” While it is my obligation to help these children, my motives to help others come far beyond the interest of just receiving an income to survive in college.


The fact is, I always love helping out. It’s in my nature and something that my grandfather engraved in my chest. Helping another individual whether in work, or outside of class, I get the greatest feelings of satisfaction. Also, working and going to school as a full-time student can be arduous at times. Nonetheless, my special recipe is balance and passion, which have allowed me to live a healthy college experience. I enjoy working with this organization that inspires a child’s passion for life learning.



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