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A Love Note Pt. 2

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A Love Note Pt. 2

Posted by Marlene

Long distance relationships are neither easy nor difficult to overcome, but trust, novelty in communication and being patient are key factors in stable relationships. Not only do we find some of these factors in a romantic relationship, but also in many other types of bonds (e.g., friendships, mother and daughter, teacher and student etc.). Had I been selfish and stubborn I would have insisted to keep him in my life. But my parents taught me that loving is patient, kind and mindful. As William Shakespeare said “the course of true love never did run smooth”. Life is a mystery and we can only untangle the mysteries after they have occurred, then is it only ok to interpret the incidents that happen to us. Still, loving another being has been more than just a beautiful experience and being in love changed my perspective on what fate and destiny mean.


College is a prime time to find your true self, and discover new goals. I would never change meeting my first love because he helped me grow and taught me about love. I’ve never had the privilege of living in a house, owning expensive clothes or a car, but I have had the privilege of falling in love.




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