Increasing student aid and improving college access are two of the CSU priorities Chancellor Timothy P. White promotes in his advocacy outreach. From Sacramento to Washington, D.C., the chancellor is working to reframe the dialogue to underscore the CSU’s invaluable return on investment. See recent advocacy events.

Meeting with Legislative Black Caucus, April 29, 2013
Chancellor meets with African American senators and assembly members to rouse support for the CSU’s African American Initiative.

Agriculture Advocacy Day, April 24, 2013
The importance of funding agriculture education for one of the state’s top industries is underscored with elected officials.

Meeting with Latino Legislative Caucus, April 22, 2013
Chancellor highlights partnerships with the Latino community and encourages Latino leaders to advocate for increased support.

Legislative Day in Sacramento, March 12, 2013
CSU officials meet with state lawmakers to promote system priorities for 2013 and discuss key issues, including the 2013-14 proposed budget.

Hill Day in Washington D.C., March 6, 2013
The remarkable value provided by the CSU on the return of federal investment is communicated to the California Congressional Delegation.

Hospitality Advocacy Day, January 29, 2013
Representatives from the CSU join industry executives to lobby support for hospitality education.