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Quick Facts: CSU Student Fees

May 13, 2009 – A common misperception is that a college education is expensive. The opposite is true at the California State University (CSU).

  • CSU fees are among the lowest of all universities across the nation.
  • Through financial aid, most families making less than $75,000 a year pay no fees.
  • Families with higher incomes also may be eligible for financial aid.
  • Most CSU students getting a four-year degree leave CSU without any loan debt. For those who do, the average loan debt for a CSU graduate is lower than state and national averages.

Student Fees
Students who are California residents on average pay for only one-third of the total cost of their education in the form of fees. The state pays for most of the remaining two-thirds.

2009-10 State University Fee Increase

  • 2009-10 State University Fees for full-time students increased by $306 for undergraduate students, $354 for teacher credential students and $378 for graduate students. Please see the chart above for yearly totals.
  • In addition to the State University Fee, students pay campus fees, which average $801.
  • Revenues from the fee increase provide $127 million to the CSU, with one-third or $42 million set aside for financial aid to offset fee increases for students in need.
    Financial Aid
  • Almost all students qualify for some form of student aid to pay for education expenses.
  • CSU students receive more than $2 billion in grants, scholarships, waivers and other aid.
  • Of the 450,000 students who attend CSU, more than half receive financial aid, and many pay no fees at all.
  • 80 percent of all undergraduate students receiving need-based financial aid receive a State University Grant, a Cal Grant, or a fee waiver that will fully pay the fee increase.
  • For the more than 120,000 CSU students receiving Pell Grants, the maximum award is increasing by $619 to $5,350 as part of the federal stimulus package.

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