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Financial Aid Overview

While the tuition fee at the CSU is among the lowest in the nation (less than any of the CSU’s public comparison institutions), the university recognizes the financial challenges many families face and provides aid in several forms including grants, scholarships, work-study and student loans. The CSU sets aside one-third of the revenue from tuition fee increases for financial aid to assist economically disadvantaged students.

More than half of all CSU students receive some form of financial aid to assist with meeting their educational expenses, and 45 percent of undergraduates have their tuition fees fully covered by grants or waivers. In 2008-09, nearly 270,000 CSU students received $2.4 billion in financial aid, of which $1.15 billion came in the form of grants (which do not require repayment).

On average, CSU financially-needy undergraduate students receive grants covering 100 percent of the State University Tuition Fees if they are:

  1. Dependent, undergraduate students from families with incomes less than $70,000, or
  2. Independent, undergraduate students with family incomes less than $20,000

Students with higher income, and dependent students with higher family incomes, may still qualify for many forms of aid including grants, scholarships, work-study and subsidized or unsubsidized loans.


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