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Budget Central is the repository for news and information about the California State University’s (CSU) budget. This site provides basic information about the system’s budget and ongoing fiscal challenges. In-depth information is available from the CSU Budget Office and related links.

State-supported vs. state funded

From the 1960s through early 1990s, the CSU was largely funded by the State’s General Fund. This enabled the university to keep tuition fees at a very low amount because most of the system’s operating costs were covered by the state. In the 1990s, the state’s investment in the CSU began to lag behind the amount needed to fund enrollment growth, operating costs and capital improvements. Today, the system’s funding is a partnership between the state, students and their families. A CSU undergraduate education is still one of the most affordable in the nation.

Funding Issues Persist

From 2008-2012, the CSU lost $1 billion of state revenue. Due to budget constraints, the university has been forced to turn away 20,000 to 25,000 fully qualified students each academic term since 2008. The passage of Proposition 30 and Governor Jerry Brown’s multi-year funding plan has restored funding. However, the state’s contribution for academic year 2014-15 is equivalent to pre 2007-08 levels when the university served 50,000 fewer students. The current budget will enable the university to admit 9,900 additional students, sustain student success, pay mandatory costs, and provide a salary increase to employees.

Budget News

CSU to Receive Incremental Funding Increase Under Governor’s January Budget Proposal

(January 13, 2015) On January 9, Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his 2015-16 budget proposal, which offers to increase the California State University’s General Fund allocation by $119.5 million, contingent upon tuition remaining flat.  The proposal would also provide $25 million to address infrastructure needs and $25 million for innovation awards – partnerships or practices that promote completion of degrees within four years.


CSU Trustees Approve 2015-16 Support Budget

(November 13, 2014) On November 13, CSU Trustees voted to approve the university’s 2015-16 support budget request.  The request from the Trustees is for a budget augmentation of $269 million (including $52.4 million that would come from tuition fee revenue if the system is provided funding to increase enrollment by three percent) and represents a credible statement of the university’s key funding needs. (more…)

California State University Outlines 2014-15 Budget Expenditure Plan

(July 22, 2014) At their July 2014 Board Meeting, California State University Trustees reviewed the system’s 2014-15 budget expenditure plan. With an additional $142.2 million in General Fund allocation from the state, the plan prioritizes enrollment growth, student success and completion, employee compensation and critical infrastructure needs.

“With the additional funding provided in this year’s budget, the California State University can admit new students, bolster programs that improve student outcomes and reinvest in the talented employees who have sacrificed for many years while remaining committed to the success of our students and the mission of the university,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White.


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