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California State University Outlines 2014-15 Budget Expenditure Plan

(July 22, 2014) At their July 2014 Board Meeting, California State University Trustees reviewed the system’s 2014-15 budget expenditure plan. With an additional $142.2 million in General Fund allocation from the state, the plan prioritizes enrollment growth, student success and completion, employee compensation and critical infrastructure needs.

“With the additional funding provided in this year’s budget, the California State University can admit new students, bolster programs that improve student outcomes and reinvest in the talented employees who have sacrificed for many years while remaining committed to the success of our students and the mission of the university,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White.

Final Budget Act May Mirror May Revision Priorities

Posted June 13, 2014

Today, the Governor, Speaker of the Assembly and Senate Pro Tem issued a media statement reflecting state budget priorities.  While the Governor has until June 30 to approve the Budget Act, it appears a final budget is pending confirmation.  It is expected that the Budget Act will reflect the Conference Committee’s budget proposal to the Legislature, which maintained a $142.2 million allocation for the California State University (CSU).


Graphing State Support for the CSU

Click below for a visual representation graphing the state support budget for the California State University:

*CSU 2007-08 Through 2016-17 General Fund
Chart illustrates 10 Years of CSU General Fund (GF) appropriation with the Governor’s 2014-15 to 2016-17 multi-year plan.

*CSU 2001-02 Through 2016-17 State Appropriations with Actual Resident Student Enrollment to Date
Graph illustrates the trend between CSU resident student enrollment and state General Fund (GF) appropriations since 2001-02 with the Governor’s 2014-15 to 2016-17 multi-year plan.

What is a Student Success Fee?

What is a Student Success Fee?

A “Student Success Fee” is the name given to a type of campus-based, campus-driven, campus-controlled fee designed to enhance the quality of academic programs and the experience of students on a specific campus.

Due to local control, no “Student Success Fee” is identical to any other. Each reflects the priorities of the campus where it is adopted.

A Student Success Fee is not Tuition

All fees are governed by policy, with every effort made to keep student costs to a minimum.

Most students are familiar with tuition fees. Those are the fees that combine with state support to cover the bulk of CSU operating costs – everything from paying a professor’s salary and benefits to keeping the lights on in university buildings. In short, tuition fees (augmented by an approximately equal amount of state support) pay to provide basic student access to a CSU education. These fees are set at the system level.


May Revision Maintains Funding from January Budget Proposal

On May 13, Governor Jerry Brown released his revised May budget which maintains an increase of $142.2 million for the CSU - an allocation that is consistent with what was proposed in the initial January budget.

Last November, CSU Trustees approved a budget proposal that requested an increase of $237.6 million with new funding allocated to meet enrollment demand, augment student success and completion and finance critical maintenance and infrastructure needs among other areas.


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