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Voice of CSU Descends Upon Capitol

CSUDH-innerThe State Capitol resonated with the voice of CSU advocates late last month just as the legislative session got underway. Campus leaders and supporters of the university met with state legislators on key issues, including the 2013-14 proposed budget and future needs of the system to meet the needs of the state and serve the ever-increasing number of qualified students seeking admission to the CSU.

Campus presidents spent time illustrating their campuses’ specific impact on their region while the Chancellor met with crucial legislative leadership to talk about the contributions of the CSU to this state as well as individual students and communities. Chancellor White also took the opportunity to begin a dialogue with key leaders such as Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of the Latino Caucus, and Assembly Members Rocky Chavez and Kristen Olsen about their role as champions for the CSU.

“These visits are about telling our story, telling it well, telling it over and over and in many places,” stated Chancellor Timothy P. White during a morning session with campus delegations. “When we talk about the CSU, we need to remember that at the heart of everything we do are our students.”

Legislative Day was an opportunity to reinforce with elected officials how critical ongoing reinvestment into the university is. Attendees supported the Governor’s proposed budget in January asking legislators to also follow suit and support it when it came before them for consideration.

The Governor’s proposed budget provides $125 million for new investments for the CSU and its students in the 2013-14 fiscal year, including $10 million to offer more courses to students through online technology. In addition, it takes the first step in reinvesting money back into the state’s largest public university with additional funding support slated for the next three years.

“Higher education will be the incubators for our state’s future recovery and growth. The CSU will be central to that recovery,” concluded Chancellor White.

The CSU will continue to reach out and advocate for reinvestment as the Legislature begins to discuss elements of the Governor’s proposal. Advocates for the CSU will be back up, having their voices heard once again in the Capitol, following the Governor’s release of the May Revise.

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