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CSU Ag Leaders Make Impact

The agricultural industry is pivotal to the California economy and workforce. The availability of continued educated workers in this area is one of the key drivers behind
ensuring its continued future impact and success in the state. The CSU wanted to make sure that information resonated throughout the Capitol walls last week as they partnered with agricultural leaders to educate the Legislature on the great impact the university is having in ensuring the vitality of this field.

Representatives of the university including agriculture students, deans from the university’s College of Agriculture and industry leaders took part in this first ever Agriculture Advocacy Day in Sacramento. Participants came to the state’s Capitol to specifically tell CSU’s story that portrays the impact the system has on agriculture industry and the state’s economy.

CSU’s agriculture colleges and agricultural studies programs are powering California’s agriculture industry by supplying 72 percent of the state’s bachelor’s degree students in agriculture. These programs encourage students to explore diverse approaches to practical learning, service to the state’s communities, applied research to give students a competitive edge in the workplace, and innovative pedagogies to contribute to student success. The message for the day focused on:

  • How vital the agriculture industry is to California’s economy;
  • The many ways the CSU meets the agriculture industry’s increasing employment needs;
  • How education and industry are working together to use applied research experiences to strengthen production; and
  • An opportunity to show how the CSU is a leader in developing solutions for water management needs.

Nearly 25 representatives from the industry including ranchers, rice growers, strawberry farmers and irrigation and water conveyors partnered with CSU’s students, administration representatives and educators to show their support for the work CSU is doing in agriculture.

Advocates spent the day meeting with administration and legislative representatives that focus on the industry taking the opportunity to educate them on the great work the university, coupled with industry leaders, is doing to move agriculture forward.

The CSU Agricultural Advocacy Day is the second in a series of industry related events the university is hosting at the Capitol to provide background and impact information to lawmakers on how the CSU contributes to some of California’s top industries.

Agricultural Impact Information

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