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Affordable Higher Education

In an economy where an educated workforce is needed, how do we make sure that higher education is accessible but not financially debilitating for new graduates? The California State University (CSU) starts with providing students and their families with the necessary information and resources to make wise decisions in paying for college. In a report released this month by the Institute for College Access & Success, California ranks among the lowest-debt states. Nationally, statewide average student debt is vast, ranging from $18,000 to $33,650. CSU strives to provide affordable educational opportunities – and it shows. The average student debt of a CSU graduate is $18,460, while statewide average debt is $20,269; and, national average debt is $29,400. These averages are for students with debt, but we proudly note that 51 percent of CSU students graduate without student debt.


Segment   Average % borrowing
CSU   $18,460


California   $20,269


National   $29,400


  Institute for College Access & Success, REPORT:  Student Debt and The Class of 2012

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